Melvin Falk, whose family had been in construction, was driving a dump truck after his military service in World War II. He had suffered with low back pain associated with his work and had sought medical care for his problem. No one could find the cause nor had they cured his problem. He went to the clinic of the New York Chiropractic College, which, at the time, had a branch campus here in Baltimore. After this visit, he found that his low back pain was cured! The practice and science behind chiropractic medicine peaked his interest, and he eventually went to chiropractic school. After graduation, he moved with his wife and newborn daughter to Huntington, Pennsylvania, where he started a practice. While in Huntington, the young couple had two more children, another daughter and a son, Stewart. After a decade, they decided to return to Baltimore where the rest of their family was. Upon moving back to Baltimore, he started another practice in Woodlawn on Windsor Mill Drive.


Growing up in a chiropractic household and directly benefitting from the effect of natural healing had a strong affect on his children, so much so that two of them decided to enter the field!


Following in the footsteps of his oldest sister, Stewart decided on a career in chiropractic and attended the National College of Chiropractic. After graduation from chiropractic school, Stewart and his father started the Pikesville Chiropractic Center, now known as Falk Chiropractic Center, P.A.


Stewart practiced with his father, Melvin, for 22 years until he passed away in 2004. Dr. Stewart Falk stated that practicing with his father was an incredibly educational experience. Having his father’s wealth of knowledge and experience so readily available to him was a tremendous resource.  He also commented that even though his father is gone, he is still learning from him! Dr. Falk still sees patients that remember his father, and in sharing memories and stories, Dr. Falk is able to keep his father’s legacy alive as he continues to learn from him.


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